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Ceremony is...

not only a moment of vow, but a promise of life time dedication.

With our seriousness in treating and tailoring your ceremony, the most important moment of your life worth the remembrance.

Wedding can be...

…a lot more than you can imagine.

With our passion and mission, we dedicate to give you an unforgettable memory.

True love can…

last forever and endure eternally

We provide services in nurturing and strengthen the bondage between the two

Knowing Us

Established in 2004, Global Wedding is the first one-stop overseas wedding coordinator in Hong Kong. We are constantly pursuing innovation and are committed to collecting different and unique wedding venues for you. From the romantic chapels of Guam, which is popular among Hong Kong people, to the Bali-style wedding in Southeast Asia; from Okinawa, which is very popular in recent years, to Phuket, which is full of surprises, are all some of the venues for our wedding arrangements.


overseas wedding, Home PageGetting married in Bali is top consideration for many who have found the love of their lives and are looking for both an exotic and romantic setting to exchange vows. It is one of the world’s best island destinations to tie the knot, with five-star resorts offering dedicated wedding venues to choose from.

You can opt to have a full legal ceremony, vow renewals, or perhaps just a celebrative follow-up occasion with all official proceedings already done in your home country.

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overseas wedding, Home PageYou have been thinking of it for years or just thinking of it for a week or two. She/he is the most important person in your life and you would like your wedding proposal to be unforgettable.

Be sure to be on the safe side and make your wedding proposal in one of the most romantic places to propose in Europe.

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In order to meet the increasing demands of our customers for overseas weddings, we have also rushed out of Asia to launch a selection of European weddings. You can choose between a dream castle wedding and a church wedding with hundreds of years of history. If you have no religions, after the arrangement, a romantic wedding can still be held in some of the sacred and solemn European cathedrals. In addition, if you like the sunshine and the sea, you can choose Greece to witness your romantic wedding in the Aegean Sea. Handling legal marriage certificates in Europe, tailoring romantic weddings, and providing simple and intimate weddings for busy people like you are some of our professional services.


In addition to overseas wedding services, global weddings also arrange overseas travel itineraries. From purchasing air tickets to arranging overseas wedding banquets and services, not only can you enjoy overseas weddings, but your relatives can also enjoy the whole journey. We can assure you give them the best choice based on your wedding budget.

Memory +

Global Wedding has been advancing with the times, breakthrough from the traditional wedding album oil painting production, GW is providing new online interactive digital albums, magazines, comics and websites. Really put the wedding record, the beautiful memories of the day and the blessings of friends and relatives, perfectly combined with the latest technology to create a new wedding product.

News and Promotions

The Brand New Shore Chapel 

The Shore Chapel is a new chapel located in Phuket we visited recently. With its gorgeous design and impeccable scenic, it easily earns the top rank in Phuket for a wedding chapel. Come and know more about The Shore and see why it could be your best choice for your Big Day.

This Chapel becomes one of the focus destinations of our Wedding Package. Check out our shop for more.

Our New 360 Virtual Reality Platform  

We understand your needs and want to fulfill them. With that in mind, we developed our 360 virtual tour system to let you walk through different wedding venues in virtual reality. To begin with, we present you The Shore Chapel and Cape Sienna Resort. Click in, drag to browse around and click the dots to virtually walk around.


Latest Improvements

Online Magazine  

Now, you can own your magazine. With all the necessary physics and reflections, our online magazine not only flips like a real one but see as a real one too. The illusion of the thickness and the flexibility in each page promote the enjoyment of the reader which also ensure the high-end experience expected from our site.