A wedding website should be

Impressive  Interesting  Informative

Remember the impression the first time you visited our website? You are not alone! Our website development team does not only employ the latest technology to give you the best experience possible but our designers are also practical and diligent. To make a decent website up to our design and technology level, it is quite difficult for the couple who are busying in wedding preparation to do. So we are here to serve you.

Depending on your target and enthusiasm, we can tailor make a wedding website that suits your needs. A good wedding website does not only publicize your wedding news and collecting information but should give your relatives and friends proper yet unique impressions that they want to revisit again once in a while.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly from the lower right corner icon or leave us a message. Below is a brief listing on our technical capabilities and how they can help you to tell stories in a joyful way. The list is growing as technology advanced so come back every now and then.

Our Technical Capabilities Showcase

1. 360 Photos and Videos

As the photos and videos are taken in the omnipresent spot. The different audience would see different image and details by scrolling and zooming to a different scope of the media.
360 media can give even the attendees to see things they have not seen. People will replay the same videos over and over just to see different things.

2. 3D Photos and Videos

When people think 3D is long gone technology, 180 3D photos and videos would surely give you a new perspective and enjoyment.
3D media could give you very real-like playback of the scene. This is especially important for people could not join certain events yet want to have a taste of it.

3. Digital Album

Our embellished digital album can give both visual and audio enjoyment to your audience. You can pick from our library of fully legitimate music or provide us your own pick.

New Zealand Album

4. Digital Magazine

This is a real-like magazine with flipping sound even on a mobile When having more pages, the magazine will get thicker as well. People would enjoy the stories and pictures shown in the magazine. You can even download and print out small quantity if you want.

5. Virtual Tour

It totally depends on how you design your virtual tour. The audience can “walk-through” any physical area where the photographs were taken. You can give descriptions, photos and even videos on different hot spots. This could be a very good way to illustrate the venue where you will hold your wedding.

6. Interactive Video Story Telling

You wrote the storyboard, plot the possibilities and reaction of each decision point. We will give the advice to take the associated and necessary videos to complete the story. This function is game and storytelling in one module where the player would understand the difficulties and experience the choices you had made before. Extremely interesting to play with.

7. Impressive Presentation

This is a sequence of slides where a host of transition effects can be chosen to intensify the flow of the story or sequence.

8. Timeline

Great way to illustrate your love story or wedding preparation through this tool. For each anchor point, you can show photos or videos with text as descriptions. Users go through step by step or jump to a particular anchor point.

9. Image Sequencing

User can drag photos to make the right sequence of some sort for multiple images. Sequences like story timeline, young to adulthood photos and importance sequence of gifts can all utilize this game to challenge user’s knowledge.

10. Image Juxtaposition

It is the kind of illustration showing two-image overlaying one another where the user drags a handle to hide/show the underlying image.

13. Image Paring

Drag images to match them with optionally allowing retry. This little game can help the player better remember or understand people or things.

11. Card Matching

It is a memory game where a timer would count how much time the user spends on finding out all the matched cards. You can encourage users to remember all the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

14. Finding Image Hot Spots

Player has to move around the mouse cursor to find each important hotspots according to the given task. From finding the engagement ring to identifying the groomsmen, this module can make information find out a pleasant thing to do.

12. Card Flipping

Let the user remember some important people or events by flipping a sequence of cards. Audio can optionally be applied to each card.

15. Audio Recorder

Record and store up blessings from visitors and can play back immediately.