Micro Movie

What story can move the heart of people and last life long? Your story!

What is a micro movie?

Developed in 2007, micro-movie mainly refers to works that are replaced in time but produced in a manner similar to that of movies. Micro-movies are usually released on various new media platforms, suitable for viewing in a mobile state or a short rest period, and have a complete storyline.

Why take a micro movie?

When a picture is better than a hundred words, a movie is certainly better than a thousand words. Showing a micro movie in a banquet or a party can bring the mood at its highest and convey not only a message but share a meaningful tale to the audience.

In GlobalWedding, we begin a micro movie from finding out an essence in your love story and develop the storyboard. We will plan the breakdown, shot list, script… everything necessary to make a movie.  You, as the protagonist, will enjoy the shooting and filming.

Combining cinema-grade cuts with drone and even underwater footage, your personal micro movie will surely impress your audience.

All the after-effects including subtitles, sticky texts,… can leave to the hands of our professional editors. Different formats for different media will be given to you for easy sharing.

Feel free to ask us more about the micro movie service by clicking the lower right black button on the screen.