About You


You are the reason why we are here to serve. You are the cause of our devotion and dedication to the wedding industry. With our beliefs and mission, the most important moment of your life is rest assured that it is in our good hands. Besides fundamental planning and arrangement, we care about what you may overlook and unseen.

Do You Know?

Do you know there are every one in every two marriages in Hong Kong ends up in divorce? Do you know how to begin a good relationship that lasts for a lifetime? Do you know how to maintain a marriage that gives power instead of drawing out from you?

Know Yourselves

So aside from the temporal outfit, what’s more important is your mental state in the long run. In order to let you fully enjoy the process which is not only bounded by the wedding, we encourage you to join our pre- and post-wedding counseling and support series. Our purposes are simple and direct, to let you know more about yourselves and your soul partner, and to build a better relationship with your own self. So you can become an even better you in kindness and patient.

Let you know more about yourselves. We are always here with open hands.