Ceremony is...

not only a moment of vow, but a promise of life time dedication.

With our seriousness in treating and tailoring your ceremony, the most important moment of your life worth the remembrance.

Wedding can be...

…a lot more than you can imagine.

With our passion and mission, we dedicate to give you an unforgettable memory.

True love can…

last forever and endure eternally

We provide services in nurturing and strengthen the bondage between the two


Getting married in Bali is top consideration for many who have found the love of their lives and are looking for both an exotic and romantic setting to exchange vows. It is one of the world’s best island destinations to tie the knot, with five-star resorts offering dedicated wedding venues to choose from.

You can opt to have a full legal ceremony, vow renewals, or perhaps just a celebrative follow-up occasion with all official proceedings already done in your home country.

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You have been thinking of it for years or just thinking of it for a week or two. She/he is the most important person in your life and you would like your wedding proposal to be unforgettable.

Be sure to be on the safe side and make your wedding proposal in one of the most romantic places to propose in Europe.

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News and Promotions

The Brand New Shore Chapel 

The Shore Chapel is a new chapel located in Phuket we visited recently. With its gorgeous design and impeccable scenic, it easily earns the top rank in Phuket for a wedding chapel. Come and know more about The Shore and see why it could be your best choice for your Big Day.

This Chapel becomes one of the focus destinations of our Wedding Package. Check out our shop for more.

全新的The Shore Chapel

The Shore Chapel是一家我們最近訪問過,位於普吉島的新教堂。 憑藉其華麗的設計和無可挑剔的景觀,它很容易成為普吉島婚禮教堂的頂級排名。快來了解更多關於The Shore Chapel的資料,看看它為什麼能成為您大日子的最佳選擇。

這家教堂成為我們婚禮套餐的重點目的地之一。 請查看我們的商店以了解更多信息。

Our New 360 Virtual Reality Platform  

We understand your needs and want to fulfill them. With that in mind, we developed our 360 virtual tour system to let you walk through different wedding venues in virtual reality. To begin with, we present you The Shore Chapel and Cape Sienna Resort. Click in, drag to browse around and click the dots to virtually walk around.


我們了解您的需要。為了滿足您,我們開發了360虛擬遊覽系統,讓您在虛擬現實中穿越不同的婚禮勝地。 首先,我們為您介紹全新的The Shore ChapelCape Sienna Resort。 只要進入版面後,拖動鼠標瀏覽及單擊重點以虛擬地四處走動。


Latest Improvements

Design Album by Youself  

Now you can design your own album by using our online design system. After you select the type of the album, you can design your album instantly. With the simplicity of the interface and the versatility of the functions, you can easily design your pages in your own style.


您可以使用我們的在線設計系統設計自己的相冊。 選擇相冊類型後,您可以立即設計相冊。 憑藉界面的簡潔性和功能的多功能性,您可以輕鬆地以自己的風格設計頁面。


Online Magazine  

Now, you can own your magazine. With all the necessary physics and reflections, our online magazine not only flips like a real one but see as a real one too. The illusion of the thickness and the flexibility in each page promote the enjoyment of the reader which also ensure the high-end experience expected from our site.



現在,您可以擁有自己的雜誌。 憑藉所有必要的物理和反思,我們的在線雜誌不僅像真正的一樣翻轉,而且看起來也是真實的。 每頁厚度和靈活性的錯覺促進了讀者的享受,也確保了我們網站的高端體驗。