Premarital and Family Counceling can Help

Not only you, but your partner as well

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Marriage is a lifetime commitment to both parties to stay in this intimate relationship. The purpose of premarital and family counseling is to strengthen and consolidate the foundation in marriage. Different areas of marriage are covered include personality, communication and conflict handling, finance management, marital expectation, parenting and influence of the family of origin between couples.

Below are four reasons we believe all couples who intend to make a long-term commitment to each other should consider premarital and family counseling.

Premarital counseling can teach you how to talk to each other.

The central focus of our work with couples is teaching them how to talk to each other so both can stay safe, both feel heard and both learn to listen. Learning these skills at any stage of the relationship is going to be transformative. The earlier to learn the skills, the sooner the communication can improve.

Pre-marriage counseling can explain why you chose each other in the first place.

The theory is that we choose our partner to allow ourselves to heal childhood wounds. In order to do this, we have to choose someone with both good and bad attributes of our parents and key influencers in childhood. The downside of this is that once we have made the commitment to stay in a relationship, such as marriage, it’s likely that we are going to start noticing the negative stuff our partner displays more than the positive stuff. If we have had pre-marriage counseling and understand this will happen and why it will happen, it allows us to ride it out and appreciate that it’s at this point in our relationship that we have our best opportunity for growth.

You will learn about how to resolve disagreements.

We all learned strategies to get our needs met as children. As adults, these strategies may not be appropriate anymore. Our counseling teaches how to deal with differences of opinion or even downright disagreements. Our method a safe way of communicating your needs and desires to your partner and listening in turn to theirs. It gives both partners the information needed to change their behavior as a gift for their partner.

You get to express your feelings of love and affection for your partner.

That’s why you’re making a long-term commitment to each other in the first place right? Our “appreciation dialogues” give the opportunity to thank your partner for things they have done for you that you’re really liked and just outright tell your partner how great they are! If you can get into that habit at the beginning of your relationship, you’re on the road to success straight away!

Premarital and family counseling is much more common in the western world than in Hong Kong and we would love to change that. It is amazing that we go into something as important as marriage or civil partnership without preparing in any way for the emotional difficulties that are inevitable in a long-term union with another human being. So, it is highly recommended that you come and understand what our counseling can improve the relationship of your family.