Pre Wedding – Overseas Photography

Tour 2020

January Phuket 泰國布吉 Full
February Okinawa 日本沖繩 1
March Nagoya 日本名古屋 2
April Cappadocia 土耳其卡帕多奇亞 3
May Florence 義大利佛羅倫斯 3
June Bali 印度尼西亞巴厘島 2
July Phuket 泰國布吉 / Prague 捷克布拉格 2 / 2
August Venice 義大利威尼斯 / Banff 加拿大班夫 2 / 5
September Santorini 希臘聖托里尼島 / Okinawa 日本沖繩 3 / 1
October Phuket 泰國布吉 / Korea 韓國 1 / 3
November Nagoya 日本名古屋 / Iceland 冰島 4
December Paris 法國巴黎 5

Tour 2021

January Cappadocia 土耳其卡帕多奇亞 5
February Okinawa 日本沖繩 4
March Nagoya 日本名古屋 / Israel 以色列 5
April Mosco 俄羅斯莫斯科 5
May Pending Open
June Pending Open
July Pending Open
August Pending Open
September Pending Open
October Pending Open
November Pending Open
December Pending Open

Please be informed that early bird will receive extra discount and gifts. Call us direct (97234912) for inquiry and early enrollment.

Below are a few samples of our pre-wedding shoots. Please note that they are all in low resolution and low quality so as to speed up the loading time.