New Service Launch

We understanding unique and personalize are important for your wedding. Today, by launching our new Wedding Logo Design service, your wedding would have a unique new look. A logo does not only express the taste and tone of your wedding but also makes a significant impact on public perception. Your friends and family will remember your happiness when they glance at the logo.

This service becomes one of the core ingredients of our Total Package. Check out our shop for more.


我們了解獨特和個性化對您的婚禮非常重要。 今天,通過推出我們新的婚禮標誌設計服務,您的婚禮將具有獨特的新面貌。 徽標不僅可以表達您婚禮的品味和基調,還會對公眾的感知產生重大影響 – 您的朋友和家人在瀏覽徽標時會記起您的快樂。

該服務成為我們Total Package的核心要素之一,請查看我們的商店了解更多詳情。