Wedding Logo Design


Logo Usages

  1. Wedding Printings
    1. Invitation Card
    2. Banner
    3. Gifts / Souvenir
  2. Album
    1. Digital Album
    2. Pre / Post Wedding Booklets
    3. Tiny Albums
  3. Video
    1. Online – Ceremony video
    2. Offline – Onsite video projection
    3. Optionally animated logo
  4. Social Messages (Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook…etc.)
  5. Stitching
    1. Gift / Souvenir
    2. Linen

All designs are unique. Once confirmed, would not be reuse in any other parties.

Logo is tailor made to suit the requirement of the client

All design files (vector format) will be given upon full payment.

Wedding logo is great to use as family logo.

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